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Tim Vukan, MMed, Master of Chinese medicine - Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) & founder of Wushan TCM - an international network of Chinese medicine and member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies in the translation committee.

Tim Vukan completed his entire TCM full-time course with more than 13 years directly in Hangzhou, China. In 2004 he began his studies in the Chinese language and script in Hangzhou and then completed the bachelor and master degree in Chinese medicine entirely in Chinese. His focus is on the Shang Han Lun and the applied principles and strategies of Chinese recipes and medicinal herbs.

Tim Vukan is a lecturer at the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and works in Hamburg and Hangzhou (China) as a TCM lecturer and coach. On his website www.wushantcm.com and www.wushantcm.de he teaches authentic, professional and personal online courses & webinars all about TCM from Hangzhou, China.