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Acupuncturist in Oslo, Norway since 2005. Specialized in male diseases such as; potency problems, infertility, prostate problems and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Do also receive patients with problems such as pain in the musculoskeletal system, burnout, sleep problems, mild depression, excessive sweating, allergies, respiratory and sinus problems, headaches and migraines.

Professional background

- Master of Science, Advanced Acupuncture Research and Practice, Middlesex University, 2018

- Bachelor of Acupuncture, Kristiania University College, 2011

- Diploma Acupuncture training (5-years), Norwegian Acupuncture School, 2005

- Basic medicine and functional anatomy and physiology (90 ECTS), Encephalon, 2003

- Research coordinator in the AcuBreast study, Kristiania University College, 2020-2023

- Member of the Academic Committee, Norwegian Acupuncture Association, 2020-

- Teacher and lecturer on acupuncture and the male health, Kristiania University College and congresses.