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Specialist for internal medicine (internist), acupuncture, naturopathic treatment, Certfied Physician of Chinese Medicine (CPC) of the SMS and the university Witten-Herdecke. Training in acupuncture and Chinese medicine since 1983, at the SMS, the DÄGfA, study visits to China . 2002-2008 President of the International Society of Chinese Medicine (SMS), currently Vice-President of the SMS.
From 1995-2005 staff member at the practice Hempen & colleagues, getting thechance to improve practical experience in all parts of Chinese medicine. Established since 2005 in own practice in Munich. Visiting Professor of Chengdu TCM University.
Scientific publications on hay fever, glaucoma, phytotherapy, migraine, lumbago. Co-author of several books in TCM: “Chinese Medicine in Ophthalmology”, “Guide- Chinese Formulas”, “Tuina - Chinese Manual Medicine”, “Diabetes Treatment with Chinese Medicine”, “Treatment of Colitis and M Crohn with TCM”, and “Treatment of thyroid diseases with TCM”. At the moment he is working on a book about inflammatory diseases. Germany