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Thursday, 23.09.2021 - 6.45 pm
Guided citywalk: Graz in a different light

(c) Graz Tourismus - Markus Spenger

Before the sun sets behind the western hilly landscape between Plabutsch and Gleinalpe, it lets the famous Graz roofscape shimmer again in many colors and the church peaks glisten in gold. Picturesque shadows slowly fall on the façades of houses and the various plays of light from the Kunsthaus, Murinsel and Schlossberg amaze guests and locals alike. Accompany our guide on this early evening walk through alleys and squares and let yourself be enchanted by the stories ...

Meetingpoint: Jakominiplatz at ther Sonnen-Apotheke = opposit Bus No.33
Free of charge - registration to renate.pleterski@ogka.at


Friday, 24.09.2021 - 6.45 pm
Congress Dinner at the Cooking WU Restaurant


No Limit BBQ Buffet with Music

€ 30,00/p.P.(drinks not included)

Please register till 20.09.2021 to renate.pleterski@ogka.at.